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Today YES for your boy to better address this hot Summer 2015. Simple and practical tips


Here we are…. this is the 31° appointment with my section “FIAMMISAYS” started on July 2012. For an introduction and brief description of my new “adventure”, take a look HERE (you can find there all the others appointments)

Today YES for SON on this SUMMER 2015. ENJOY!!


For those who need convenience, happiness and a touch of fashion

YES to:

THE COTTON SWIMSUIT, because among the many swimsuits that are around, one of cotton is almost necessary to spend these upcoming holidays at seaside.
The cotton swimsuit will be perfect even as shorts to get to and from the beach and, with a tee and a sandal, it will be the number one ally of your child.
It is true that it takes a little more time to dry out, but the skin of your baby boy will thank and after so many slip in lycra or  “stuff like that”, the cotton will help him stay cool, dry and protected.
You can find them around, I would opt for one in a neutral color or in a tiny patterns.

costume di cotone maschio

1. Emile et Ida  2. Buho  3. Oeuf NYC  3. Stella McCartney


THE STRIPED T-SHIRT WITH POCKET, how to think how to tackle a summer holiday without a striped shirt for your boy? Unthinkable …
This year, in addition, add a pocket and your child will also be super fashion.
Pocket of the same color, contrasting pocket, pocket of different colors, the important thing is that there is a pocket and that is on the stripes.
The effect is fun, colorful, original and perfect for this summer 2015.
The stripes are a great YES for the whole family (mom, dad and daughter), but for son they are almost indispensable.
Nice for the day with his cotton swimsuit, or with a pair of shorts and a neutral sandal. Very beautiful in the evening with a cotton trousers turn-up at the bottom and a moccasin.

magliette a righe bambini

1. Emile et Ida  2. Zara kids  3. Billy Bandit   4. Il Gufo


THE BACKPACK, it’s time to let your son to bring his favorite things.
Put everything in a backpack and let him be a bit more independent. He will feel responsible and will know exactly where he put the red car that you, instead, will take a couple of hours to find in your mega beach bag.
You can find a lot of backpack around, I advise you to get one super colorful, cheerful and fun.
It can also be reused for kindergarten or for school or, perhaps, for sport and leisure.
Let him to prepare it every morning and this will also be a fun game to play together that will help you spend a little more time with each other.

zaini bambini per la scuola1. Bobo Choses  2. Molo  3. Elodie Details  4. Emile et Ida



See you SOON

with NO for SON for this SUMMER 2015

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  1. Concordo su tutto… chi produce costumi di lycra per i bimbi dovrebbe provare a portarne uno per tutta la giornata… brrrrrrr…

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