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And here also the NO for your boy on this SUMMER 2015. It is just my opinion ok ?? 😉


Here we are…. this is the 32° appointment with my section “FIAMMISAYS” started on July 2012. For an introduction and brief description of my new “adventure”, take a look HERE (you can find there all the others appointments)

Today NO for SON on this SUMMER 2015. ENJOY!!


For who really need relaxation and comfort, but with an eye to good taste and simplicity

NO to:

THE SLEEVELESS TEE, and maybe this is not even the first time I say it. I really do not like the sleeveless t-shirt for the male. Even (or perhaps we should say even less) to go to the beach. There are trillions of cute t-shirts, in every color, shape and size, do you have to choose the sleeveless one?
The outfit will look scruffy even with linen trousers.
Opt for a shirt and, if you have just purchased one, I’ll let you permission to wear, but only with another shirt underneath. To make it look like a vest and not like a sleeveless t.shirt. Ok?

canottiera bambino1. John Galliano Kids  2. G.F. Ferrè  3. Timberland Kids  4. Replay&Sons


THE BELT WITH LOGO, therefore, I would like to stop here, but you deserve a few lines of explanation.
Not only the belt is sufficiently an useless accessory (unless your boy is not wearing a pair of big pants of the brother or of the father), but with the logo, then, I would say that we can make a big NO all together!!
Do not you think?
The logos, in general, do not make me crazy (except in some sacrosanct cases, of which, perhaps, we will talk about in another place), but on the belt I find them extremely pretentious and “braggarts”.
NO to logos and NO to the belts. If the pants fall absolutely YES to braces, or replace the belt with a SCARF, but I think I’ve already suggested it.
P.S. Having said that, I admit that back in 2003 I had a belt with le logo (all around) DOLCE & GABBANA really huge and GOLD and I loved it. Here, I tell you, please do not repeat it to a soul, ok ??

cintura logo bambino1. Roberto Cavalli Junior  2. John Galliano Kids  3. Diesel Kids  4. Hugo Boss Junior


THE ESPADRILLES, although I like them very much for mother and daughter, I can not digest them for the son.
Ok, do not jump on me, we can talk about. I start .. 😉
I find that the espadrilles on boys take the air of “forced scruffy” in the sense that they make your look deliberately left to itself, even though, maybe you have payed them so much.
With anonymous look espadrilles are “dull”, with deliberately studied and thought look, I find them a little ‘”ridiculous”.
Do note think? Come on, come on, I’m tired and I want to go on vacation really serene.
Replace them with sandals, slip-on, laced canvas, with everything you want and, if you have purchased them for your boy, color them in pink and give them to his sister, or wash them, decorate them, hang them on the wall and they will be wonderful storages.

espadrillas bambino1. Little Eleven Paris  2. Toms  3. Tommy Hilfiger Children  4. Cala Kids




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12 Commenti
  1. Come sempre, mi trovi d’accordo su tutta la linea!
    La CANOTTIERA???? … LA CANOTTIERAAAAAAAAAA??? Ma per piacereeeeee… non le mettono più neanche i camionisti, perchè si vergognano!!!

  2. La canotta la detesto sui grandi figuriamoci se la uso per mio figlio, sia mai! No, no e ancora NO a caratteri cubitali!
    Pienamente concorde con te su tutto anche se sulle espadrillas forse chiuderei un occhio. Non lo so, magari devo vederle indossate per rendermi l’idea ma comunque a pensarci bene non ne ho mai comprate per lui quindi un motivo inconscio ci sarà no?
    Un bacione cara, sempre adorabili i tuoi articoli! Mhuà! :*

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