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Here we are…. this is the 23° appointment with my section “FIAMMISAYS” started on July 2012. For an introduction and brief description of my new “adventure”, take a look HERE (you can find there all the others appointments)

Today YES for DAUGHTER on this SPRING 2015. ENJOY!!

For those who, like Fiammetta, want to be in total harmony with nature that is awakening with a fashionable touch that never hurts


THE YELLOW,  yes, yellow, yellow and even yellow. I had already mentioned it to you last year during the Pitti Bimbo 79 and today I’m here to remind you. The Yellow is the color of this Spring 2015. Yellow blouses, yellow sweaters, yellow clothes, yellow shoes.
Fiammetta and I just love it, we enjoy it, it brings joy. It is the color of the sun, of the days long day.
So, go with the yellow, in all its nuances. Choose shades that most appeals to you and to your daughter and you will not go wrong.
Beautiful and super chic combined with BROWN, fresh with LIGHT BLUE, super fashion with PINK.

caffeatteacolazione Il Gufo bambinizara kidscartella zorro


1. Caffelatteacolazione  2. Il Gufo  3. Zara kids  4. Zorro


THE SLIP ON, for a while I resisted, thinking they were for the boy. Since this spring, however, thanks to the wonderful prints I have seen around, I finally succumbed.
They are very suitable for our daughters as well as being super comfortable, easy to wear and easy to match to any outfit.
I do not show you those of low cost brand, because Fiammetta is still little and the “good” shoes are indispensable. Actually they would be indispensable for us mothers too, but sometimes it’s nice to be groped .. 😉
Perfect for school with leggings or comfortable pants and sweatshirt, beautiful for an afternoon out with overalls and denim jacket, wonderful for a special occasion with chic dresses and floral headbands (but I’ll tell you more about that in another moment).



1. Naturino  2. Little Marc Jacobs  3. Monnalisa4. Pepe’


THE LONG SKIRT, and do not stop reading, please!!!
I know that not long ago I had inserted among NO, but “only fools never change idea,” Right??
Here I am, therefore, to say a huge YES to the long skirt (or dress) for your daughter for this Spring 2015. Maybe if she is already 4/5 years (before there is the risk of stumbling).
I like it because I find it fresh, fun and original.
There are really nice one around and in the colors you prefer. From yellow (of course) to pink, to printed one, to striped.
You must, however, make me a promise. STRICTLY to wear with sneakers or with SLIPON. And only with these. Not absolute to ballerinas, sandals, flip flops, etc .. Ok?
With a leather jacket or one in denim and your daughter will be, then, really super fashion.
To avoid gardens and birthdays.
Ok, now you can tell me that you do not like it at all, but you’ll change your mind … 😉

MSGM-Kids gonna lunga zara gonna lunga bambina gonna lunga bambina

1. MSGM kids  2. Zara Kids  3. Stella McCartney  4. Le Petit Lucas Du Tertre





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48 Commenti
  1. Io d’accordo su tutto, meno che sulle Ballerine 😉 lo sai… Sono le mie scarpe preferite… Le metterei anche con il pigiama e, se avessi una bambina, ne avrebbe una collezione!!!!

  2. Viva le slip-on e la giallo-mania..purtroppo la gonna lunga Noemi non la vuole mettere, quindi abbiamo optato per maxi gonna a ruota sotto al ginocchio, magari a fantasia o righe! Un Bacio grande e buona Pasqua <3

  3. Questa rubrica è semplicemente strepitosa. Io vivrei con le slipon e per la mia bambina sono davvero il massimo. Ciao e brava.

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