Sandalini online e le nostre scelte in una giornata insieme

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Sandals online and wander on the internet by spending a few hours only mother and daughter among fun, wonder and great bargains

sandalini oline


We like a lot wandering. And wandering on internet.
We are women, in the end .. 😉

And on a day that gave us a bit of time, Fiammetta and I really “sailed” together. The gloomy day and a little cold has facilitated the task.

Target: a couple of sandals online.
Yes, a pair of open shoes that could be, for her, together, comfortable, chic and feminine.

After some research on google like “Elsa sandals for children running around the clock”, we stopped on the online shop of Balducci (which, by now, we know very well and which you have already known by THIS POST), and not really we knew how to make a choice.

Sandals really wonderful and super “glittering”, glittery flip flop, really perfect shoes for this summer 2015. Fiammetta has focused on 3/4 pairs of shoes she wanted to wear in that exact moment.

I had to explain to her that it was not possible to buy more than one pair of shoes together (we have to educate these children) and she understood immediately.
Two pairs of sandals have arrived at home in a few days and what do I have to say?? … I could not resist !!

Even because subscribing to newsletter on the online site of Balducci you receive immediately a discount and everything magically becomes easier.
We chose two pairs of sandals and we did not regret absolutely .. 😉

We also played together and we imagine to have a little brother and to have to bring him to the beach with us.
These were our choices for him, what do you think?

sandalini oline  sandalini oline  sandalini oline

and these ones, which, in the end, we chose to Fiammetta.

A pair a little sportier, although always super chic to wear during the day and for every festive, playing, funny occasion.  Whenever, in short, in which your daughter will want to feel comfortable, practical, but really fashion and with a light touch that never hurts.

The other pair of sandals that we found and immediately purchased is a little more romantic and refined and Fiammetta has wore it in the late afternoon as we prepared for an evening with friends, I can reveal, it is over straight to the rides .. 😉

Today I show you the first pair of sandals we found online at Balducci and that Fiammetta was really happy to wear (and we can see it).

Then we’ll see …
Here it is

sandalini oline

sandalini oline

sandalini oline

sandalini oline

sandalini oline

sandalini oline

sandalini online

sandalini oline

sandalini oline

sandalini oline

“Hey, I tell you a secret … these sandals are really comfortable ..”;-)


DRESS: Caffelatteacolazione

SHOES: Balducci

And what about these? Maybe we’ll talk about in another moment.

sandalini oline


P.S. Actually we loved so much these sandals,  but three would be too many and Fiammetta still can not walk very well with this type of shoe. We recommend it to girls a little older that have no problems, in fact, with the flip-flops.

Balducci 95822-331P-00_1



Meanwhile, I remember to subscribe to NEWSLETTER (at the right bottom of the homepage) for 5 € DISCOUNT to use on the Balducci shop online.

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