PITTI BIMBO 75 and some amazing foulard: 8I3


Here I am … I’m finally ready to show you something of a day spent at PITTI BIMBO. I want to start by showing you an accessory that I’m really appreciating for Fiammetta: the SCARF. I find it very cute for children, as a belt, tied to the wrist and also in the head (as bandana), instead of the hat, in these hot days. Like I mentioned earlier, in short, lately I’ve been using them a lot for my little girl. At PITTI I found some beautiful, but I want to dwell on those colorful, imaginative and not exaggerated of this company: 813.
This company was founded recently, by the fusion of two creative minds: Annalisa Giuntini and Paolo Panerai and has managed to create a truly fine collection of scarves and also suitable to the colorful world of children. Let’s leave, for a moment, the fluo, and let’s enfold us on polka dots, rainbows and cheerful paintings.

A tip for you that are reading: grab a scarf for your child (very varied uses, as you’ve seen from my posts and you will find it again for next year), but please, forget the SKULLS: viewed and reviewed, at least in scarves;-)


sciarpe 813 a PITTI BIMBO

scarves 813 at PITTI BIMBO


sciarpe 813

foulard 813

Thank you for your attention and kindness at PITTI and congratulation for these “little” masterpieces!
PS: Do not miss the next post on PITTI, you will definitely find something interesting! 🙂


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