PITTI BIMBO 75 and something about MISSONI


Here is anotehr “moment” of a day spent at PITTI BIMBO. I want to show you the genius of a historic brand and a totally charming and completely enthralling collection: MISSONI. I was a lot at their stand, having a chance to talk with very kind press officers. They have to me provided a lot of material, but given the stamp of this blog (these are all pictures that I do personally), I decided to show you what my eyes and my heart chose for you, for me, for our own inspiration that is like this tree: colorful, endless, branched in thousand different, impossible directions …

missoni at PITTI BIMBO

Here are some photos of a collection (S/ S 2013)  made in knits, polka dots, stripes, cheerfulness and incredibly funny accessories, with which children, as well as being fashionable, can enjoy. As a mom I enjoyed it very much admiring this wonderful collection and I was also excited about entering a magical and enveloping space,  full of warmth immediately perceptible.
PS: RED is back, as I mentioned, but this, in the next post!! 😉

stand Missoni al PITTI BIMBO


amazing missoni

Missoni al PItti BIMBO

accessori Missoni visti al PITTI BIMBO

Thank you for this moment of magic!

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