Back to School and some tips for your male

Today some tips for your male for this BACK to SCHOOL



Here we are at back to school for your little boy.

Are you still confused? Need some ideas for dressing your son in a simple and convenient way, but always following the trends of the season?
Before talking about my YES for the SON for the Back to School (very soon), I leave you something to think about .. 😉

The grey. And I almost said it all (you’ll see). A fun sweatshirt. And the look would have done. Add a tee that you like, a pair of comfy and light sneakers (the ones with the stretch will be really ideal), take the backpack that he loves with all his heart and your back to school will be simple and natural.

He must be comfortable, you must be quiet.

So here is an example of a suitable look to your boy for this back to school with all the comforts and gray color.

HAVE A SPECIAL FRIDAY and I wait tomorrow with some NEWS and a WHOLE NEW SECTION

See you soon
♥ ♥ ♥
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