And after the YES to BACK to WORK for us mums, here are some NO to continue this season with and no to fall in the “forcing” of fashion 😉

fiammisays-ok NO

Here we are…. this is the 36° appointment with my section “FIAMMISAYS” started on July 2012. For an introduction and brief description of my new “adventure”, take a look HERE (you can find there all the others appointments)

Today NO for MOM on this BACK to WORK. ENJOY!!


For those who want to be fashionable, but always keeping the good taste and comfort. After all we are still mothers 😉


LADYLIKE SHOES, or those 50 years’ shoes that are so fashionable now, and that remind to the Miss etiquette, but that, help me to say it come on, DO NOU SUIT YOU!!!!! Even if you have 7 meters long legs, you’re skinny as an anchovy and you have the bearing of a model. These ladylike shoes will not be fine on you!!
Fashion is fantastic, I like it too, and I like above all to experience it, but when it is enough, it is enough.
Not good even if the most renowned and admired brands turn fashion into a perverse game for us women. Often we indulge in what we see in the windows and in magazines, but, first of all, we will have to indulge in what we see in the mirror. Ok? The shoes with chunky and low heel and DO NOT go well. Let’s leave them on the runways and we moms aim of boots, ankle boots, laced with para or sneakers and we’ll be comfortable and, maybe, we will also save our money 😉

scarpe ladylike

1. Chanel  2. Bally  3. Prada  4. Gucci


THE CAPEI know that you will rise up, I tried, I swear, but just I can not seem to get along with the cape.
I see them in magazines and I like them, then the question remains the same: “when can I wear it?”. And I just can not give me an answer.
If it’s hot, it is not the case, if it’s cold, it doesn’t heat. It cumbers over coat and it is ridiculous over a down jacket or a different jacket. It remains the between seasons. But think well, how tough these between seasons? A couple of days?? Here it is hot, or it becomes cold and I cannot understand the cape.
I usually feel cold also on the arms, don’t you??

cappa inverno 2015

1. Zara  2. Yves Saint Laurent  3. Sportmax  4. Valentino


THE LEATHER OVERALL, oh my dear, but are we really sure? Yes, it is all the rage on this season A/ W 2015-2016 and it will head a wildcard in your closet. You’ll see …
Perfect for remain hanging in it.
But do you really like it? And do you think it is convenient and comfortable for work or for any other time of your day.
The leather overalls not only will never fit perfectly to your body, but it will bring all the cold it can in a season that should be the winter season.
Try to get up from the chair after a day sitting at the office …;-)
Absolutely to be replaced definitely with overall, but in any other fabrics. Any….

salopette di pelle

1. Hermes  2. Simonetta Ravizza  3. Fendi  4. H&M




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