My kids fashion blog on LA NAZIONE

My kids fashion blog on La Nazione, a famous Italian newspaper. THANKS a LOT

kids fashion blog

This post is intended to be just a simple thanksgiving. Thanks for this my kids fashion blog

Thanks to SILVIA BINI for the wonderful article written and for the infinite kindness. Thanks to LA NAZIONE Chronicle of Prato (an Italian newspaper) for publishing it (including the front page) on October 6. Thanks to all my FRIENDS for the wonderful words. Thanks to YOU ​​that always read with interest and love and who are, now more than ever and with MANY (really many) others, my daily satisfaction. Thanks, always, to my little girl FIAMMETTA who is my life, my inspiration and my daily success of life and to LORENZO, the extraordinary partner of a complicated course, but never granted.

Thanks for beeing part of this kids fashion blog


Here is the article (this is the LINK to read it on line – in Italian)

kids fashion blog

kids fashion blog

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