How to dress a baby female to be ready to unannounced visits.

How to dress a baby female to stay at home when you are afraid of unannounced visits? Here it is. A small idea to avoid being caught unprepared.

how to dress baby female how to dress baby female  come vestire una neonata  come vestire un neonato come vestire un neonato

As you know, it is often the case, at least to me it happened, that the doorbell sounds undesirably when we’re home with our newborn baby.

The point is, how to dress a baby female, then, when you are calm at home and do not want to have any surprises due to unexpected visits

Very simple and fast.

Today I’ll show you how to dress a baby female and, in an instant, making it perfect for aunts, old friends, distant relatives who made eight thousand kilometers in a day and six stops to roadside restaurants, all to see the newborn.

Dress her with your favorite romper and maybe, having an inkling of shady approaches, chose the nicest one, clean and not dirty of milk. Always comfy, but with that fashion detail.

So far, so normal.

Keep on hand a pair of bloomer (those cute pants with elastic thighs giving a balloon air), a pair of warm socks and your hairband with flowers.
Put them all (with calm) and wait smiling for your sympathetic relative that will remain amazed by the creature just coming to light.
Simple, isn’t it?

So, one big help for how to dress a baby female in case of inspected visits are bloomer. Choose a colorful and fun one (maybe not too much if your baby was born very recently) and you’re done.
No more surprises.

Here is my idea and a big kiss to your little one 😉

come vestire una neonata

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Have a special day

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