Mind the label and the BIO world. New section with Valentina

Mind the label. A new SECTION. A new appointment created by the many messages and by so many requests that I receive every day. And I commend to her, to Valentina, who will lead you in this piece of the kids fashion world that is 100% BIO, that is environmentally friendly, that is sustainable, that is ethical.
Here it is, just for YOU.

mind the label

Hallo Moms,

I am sitting here at my computer today in order to introduce you a new section in fiammisday story:  “Mind the Label!”… “N’oubliez pas l’étiquette!” 

Who am I? I am “Jiminy Cricket”, the disagreeable but sincere Simona’s friend and a mommy myself, in love with kids’ fashion and with my little boy, Niccolò, who loves play, run, knights’ and pirates’ battles, soccer, rugby, tennis, who likes snow and the seaside and living outdoor and who is, hardly, learning how to dress up….


mind the label

Yes, to dress up, not only technically speaking (“mind the buttons…adjust your socks!) and not only choosing the right clothes for the right occasions, matching them fashionably, but selecting consciously quality raw materials, 100% organic cotton, very often, but also linen, wool and any other natural fiber, and clothes that – we really care for that – were not made exploiting others.

We bio moms really know that sometimes the costs are almost prohibitive and how difficult it is to find beautiful, elegant and timeless garments meeting all of our ethical standards both in fabrics that in production!

By this space I would like to show you that not only you do not have to spend capital to buy organic clothes, but now you will have more time for your organic garden, as I’ll be there to do the research for you.
I will help you to solve the problem, trust me!!! Since I’m a almost 100% bio mom, I’ll be happy to share with you my discoveries  on organic kids fashion!

Too often we do not reflect on this, but it is so important to pay for quality, for others’ work, creativity and inventiveness, when you do your shopping, so… from now on, “Mind the Label!”… “N’oubliez pas l’étiquette!”

mind the label

… and I really mean it! 😉 Then we’ll understand…

mind the label

We can do nothing but follow Valentina, trust her and the whole organic world that she will find out for us. I will check the style and modernity of the brand that she will seek out, because you can dress BIO with taste and elegance.

From now on, therefore, MIND THE LABEL;-)


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