Pitti Bimbo eco ethic. Kids fashion winks to organic. Here’s what we saw

Pitti Bimbo eco ethic and Valentina looking for ideas for organic moms, wondering from organic to conventional stands, let’s see what she has found out for us!

Pitti Bimbo eco ethic visited and reported by Valentina, from her ethich, critic and straightforward point of view, with one focus in mind: “Mind the Label!”

Here she is..

Hullo moms,

as usual, I have left for a very long way, this year, at Pitti Bimbo, looking for eco ethic and organic baby and kids clothes, and in a very special and new section of it… Pitti Bimbo eco ethic!

Those ways took me to a new even more beautiful panorama than what I expected, with a huge satisfaction in finding out so many little and new born and also old but not very well known brands, who propose fantastic baby and kids clothes, consciously produced, with agreat focus on quality and on the impact of their choices on people.

Pitti Bimbo eco ethic

All this, very often, without even being actually recognized by all those symbols and labels that we, organic moms, know very well (and for those who have not any idea of what I am talking about… I promise I will soon take you in this world!), but who have a deep consciousness born, very often, with those who, before them (and us), gave birth to an ethic brand, when this was not an exception, and which are the great value of the Pitti Bimbo eco ethic!

For many other the need of an ethic and conscious world develops from the acknowledgement of the great value of ethic, even on the everyday market.

I am HAPPY of what I have seen… enthusiastic for our kids who will receive, together with the fashion choices we are going to do with them, an important life lesson, about their choices and their consequences, on how to live in a beautiful world, even if just by shopping for a t-shirt.

Would you like to know how? You will soon see it… stay tuned on “Mind the Label” section of Fiammisday!

Meanwhile, I leave you here a few pictures by the Pitti Bimbo eco ethic and I am here for any further information you may require on this difficult, beautiful and complicated organic world!

Pitti Bimbo eco ethic

Pitti Bimbo eco ethic

Pitti Bimbo eco ethic

Pitti Bimbo eco ethic

Pitti Bimbo eco ethic

Pitti Bimbo eco ethic

mages Source: Pitti Immagine
Credits: Aka Studio Collective

See you soon with Valentina and with another small piece of the bio world

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