Styling MONNALISA. A new project that is original and made with the heart. Two bloggers, three children, a brand. And one VIDEO. Here is the result.


Exactly how two different bloggers, two different cultures, two different countries perceive the children’s fashion and the allure of a brand like Monnalisa.

Styling Monnalisa, is, therefore, to see how designs, materials, creation of a brand is perceived in different countries and in completely different places.

My friend Katarzyna with her wonderful blog VIVI&OLI (I strongly recommend you to check it out) has chosen Monnalisa to dress her wonderful children and gave voice to her tastes, her way of seeing the children’s fashion, to her spirit with a video shot in Poland.

I, with my FIAMMISDAY, did the same and I brought Fiammetta in the center of my city. Florence. Florence is also the center of culture, art, good taste.

A really amazing VIDEO MAKER (which is also a great kids photographer) Riccardo Polcaro accompanied us, supported us and carried out some original fun, cheerful frames just like Fiammetta.

Both, in the midst of beloved places, have created a personal, original, fully committed to our children styling. And it was born Styling MONNALISA, in fact.

I do not say anything else. I’ll let you find out this VIDEO that is short, but intense and I will let them to speak. Yes, I will let VIVI, OLI FIAMMETTA and MONNALISA to explain the rest.

Here it is


Vivi, Oli and Fiammetta’s look all by MONNALISA

Soon with new projects and new VIDEO from the world… 😉


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