The mid season. How to dress kids with Bobo Choses

How to dress our kids in layers in this period of the year. Bobo Choses and the mid season

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New appointment with my new SECTION (“how to dress kids)”. Today we talk about THE MID SEASON. And Bobo Choses., that helps us to dress our children in a particular and original way.
This, in fact, is the period of year when you really do not know how to dress kiss. And even how to dress yourself.

The morning is cold and we are tempted to dress our children with a nice down jacket and wrap them in some hot scarf. At lunchtime we would already take away their fleece and at four-o’clock short sleeve is a must. Then the evening comes and we moms are ready with wool socks and cardigans.

A period, in short, in which to dress up children is really complicated.
There is only one solution. Dress the children in LAYERS. Short sleeve for the four, t-shirt with long sleeves for the lunch time, sweater for the morning.
And that’s it. Do not you think?

Here, then, one of my favorite brands (I showed you IN THIS POST and IN THIS POST) and that I love deeply for LITTLE BOYS.
Today, then a look all signed by Bobo Choses perfect for this season and for every occasion you want.

Easy and fun. Put and take off, take off and put .. 😉

how to dress kids

1920’s French Toy Car
€1.135 –

€22 –

Bobo Choses Baggy Pants, Venice
€32 –

BOBO CHOSES Sweatshirt Chateau Marmont
€53 –

€44 –

BOBO CHOSES Wave Print Long Sleeve Tee
€54 –
♥ See you soon with How to Dress Kids
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